Nintendo to enter Android powered console market in 2016, with Nintendo NX


nintendo nx

Nintendo NX, Nintendo’s first Android powered console to enter the market, but no sooner than mid 2016.

The rumour has it Nintendo is working on a new console, one that will be powered by Google’s widely popular mobile operating system – Android. Nintendo denied these rumours, but the word on the street is that Foxconn Electronics has already started working on a first Nintendo NX console prototype. With the mass production starting early next year (February – March is its target), the release of the Nintendo NX console powered by Android platform is expected by the second half of 2016.

The forecast is that Nintendo will sell 2 million Wii U consoles world-wide in 2015, but it expects to sell 10 times more Android consoles in the near future, according to sources close to the Japanese OEM and reported by DigiTimes.

An Android powered console created by one of the top console makers such as Nintendo, could lead to some serious competition for Sony’s PlayStation and Microsoft’s Xbox. You might have heard about Ouya, the start-up that turned a lot of heads with its Android powered console in the recent years, which not too long ago was purchased by RAZER (widely known for its gaming peripherals and laptops). NVIDIA is another manufacturer that is looking to capitalize on this segment with its NVIDIA SHIELD console/multimedia system, also powered by Android.