Galaxy S6 Plus photos reveal a larger device than S6 Edge


Galaxy S6 Plus

Galaxy S6 Plus is apparently real, and it could launch this summer as a larger Galaxy S6 Edge.

After announcing the Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 Edge back at the annual Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Samsung Electronics is going to announce a few more devices under the S6 series and, as you can see from these freshly leaked images, we are expecting a Galaxy S6 Plus to arrive over the summer.

The Galaxy S6 Plus, as obviously pointed out by the author of these photos, is slightly larger than the Galaxy S6 Edge (White ) seen in them. Well, this is a dummy unit for a Chinese accessory selling vendor but we incline to believe the source of this leak, as it has been reliable in the past when it comes to tips regarding yet to be released devices. The source claim the screen could be smaller, only 5.5 inches, than the previously rumored 5.7″ AMOLED display. 

Recently, a device dubbed Galaxy S6 Note has been registered in Korea by Samsung, which makes as suspicious about the final name of the Galaxy S6 Plus, unless they are different handsets.



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