LG trademarks Watch Urbane Luxe name. New smartwatch coming!


Watch Urbane Luxe

Watch Urbane Luxe is probably the next luxurious smartwatch from LG.

Like Samsung, LG Electronics is also in a terrible rush to create new things, especially on the wearable segment, and like Samsung is having its misses as well. Not the case with the latest smartwatch, the LG Watch Urbane, but still LG is looking to announce another variation of it dubbed LG Watch Urbane Luxe or that’s what the latest trademark filling hints at.

LG Electronics has reportedly filled for a new trademark – Watch Urbane Luxe. The noun “Luxe” points to another luxury smartwatch, one that LG will likely uncover at IFA 2015 along with the first metal-made phone, the rumoured LG G4 pro.

Right now, the information about Watch Urbane Luxe is scarce, but we are pretty sure that we will hear a lot more in the following months before IFA.