Huawei employee reportedly confirms the company is working on a Nexus phone



There have been serious speculation about Huawei building the next Nexus smartphone powered by Google Android M operating system, and now we might just have our first confirmation in this regard, as IBTimes reports that they’ve spoken with a Huawei employee who confirmed that the Chinese OEM is working on such a Nexus smartphone, mainly because they want to solidify their partnership with Google and the Nexus program is the perfect opportunity for it.

Although, it’s not concrete evidence, and Google also denied to comment on speculation, the increase amount of rumours as of lately, makes us believe that there is some truth in it.

Either way, there will be at least one Google Nexus phone this year (the rumour has it there will be two of them) whether it will be built by Huawei or LG Electronics, or anybody else we will learn in the following months.