Blackberry Prague, BB’s first Android powered smartphone, not Venice?



Blackberry’s first Android smartphone could be the Blackberry Prague, a low-budget phone, not the Venice slider.

You might have heard that Blackberry is taking to consideration the possibility of launching its first Android-powered smartphone this year, and it could happen by the end of this summer according to new rumours.

Folks at N4BB, a Blackberry specialized blog, speak about a codenamed ‘Prague’ device as being the first Android powered smartphone BB is manufacturing for the emerging markets and that the codenamed ‘Venice’ phone, wich is a slider device apparently, is likely not to run Android but BB OS.

Blackberry Prague will be an entry-level smartphone with full touch screen, unlike the rumoured Venice slider, which will feature a physical QWERTY keyboard too.

You’ll probably wonder why Blackberry is considering a low-budget phone and not a mid-range or a high-end device. Probably because they want to minimize the loss if the emerging markets reject it, we all know the Canadian firm is struggling to keep the boat afloat.



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