LG G4 plagued by touch screen issues, users report



A considerable number of LG G4 owners around the globe are complaining on XDA Developers forum about touch screen problems. The issues occur when the user is trying to swipe or fast tap the screen as demonstrated in a couple of videos which you can view below.

At fault might be the software. If so, it will be easy for LG Electronics to fix the problem through a future firmware update, unless it originates within the hardware. LG USA is reportedly aware of the situation and is already looking for a fix.

We’ve also reached out to LG UK and waiting for an answer on the matter. We will be back with an update as soon as we hear from them. Meanwhile if you’re worried that your LG G4 might be plagued by the same problem you can do a quick test following below instructions:

If you not sure about having this issue, you can check it as follows (it worked for me) –

1. Open the Dialer and enter 277634#*# to enter the Service Menu.
2. Go to Device Test -> Service Menu – Manual Test -> Touch Draw Test – Manual.
3. Now touch/tap/knock/slide on the test area (all of it) until its almost full and watch for missing registration (you will touch the screen and there will be no red mark). I repeated the test several times and almost every time I had misses.

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