LG G4 Pro or other future flagship phones might feature metal body


LG G4 Pro

LG G4 Pro could be the first device LG Electronics will launch featuring a metal body.

As much as we want all-metal unibody on our smartphones, it’s not always easy for a mobile maker to switch from manufacturing plasticky cases for its smartphones, to manufacturing aluminium or other metal-based cases with just a snap of the fingers, because such manufacturing process takes time and use of special tools, machines.

LG Electronics is one of the few mobile makers that hasn’t unleashed yet a metal-made smartphone, however, according to South Korea publication ETNews , the OEM is contemplating whether or not to launch the next flagship phone with such coating.

LG is working on an LG G4 Pro, which could launch later this year, but whether it will sport a metal casing or not we will have to wait and see. We at Pocketdroid, don’t mind LG’s current use of leather and plastic materials on the flagship LG G4, in fact, we’d like to see LG using such materials on more G series devices.

What about you?