Motorola XT1565 spotted at Bluetooth SIG


Moto X (2014) back

Motorola XT1565 could be the next Moto G or a Droid series smartphone.

About a month ago partial hardware specifications of a few unreleased Motorola smartphones (XT192A, XT1585 and XT1578) went viral on the Internet, and since Motorola is yet to unveil its 2015 handsets, including the flagship smartphone, which will likely be called Moto X 3rd Gen, rumours flow in all directions.

Today, we bring to your attention another Motorola handset, model number XT1565, which fits perfectly between two of the devices we’ve learnt about last month, leading us to believe that it could be the next Moto G, unless this is an 2015 Motorola Droid series device. What do you think?

According to Bluetooth SIG certification website, the source of this article, Motorola XT1565 runs Android L build and it is certified for Bluetooth 4.1. Usually, after a handset receives Bluetooth certification it takes less than 30 days until it gets announced.

We are pretty excited to see what Motorola Mobility (now under Lenovo ownership) has in stored for us.



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