Asus ZenFone receive Android 5.0 upgrade (Zenfone 4, 5,6)



Asus ZenFone receive Android 5.0 upgrade. All 2014 ZenFone’s will make the jump to Lollipop from Kitkat in the following weeks as a software update is being rolled out as we speak.

ZenFone 5 model number A500CG/A501CG and ZenFone 6 model number A600CG/A601CG are all ready for a OTA upgrade to Lollipop, Asus has started the rollout of firmware build WW_V3.23.40.52 to all the above mentioned models, while the ZenFone 4 model number A400CG/A400CXG should see an upgrade OTA to firmware build WW_V7.3.3, all delivering Lollipop to Asus Zenfone handsets.

ZenFone 5 and 6 owners can also download the firmware straight from Asus’ website, that if they don’t want to wait for a OTA download notification and have the know-how  to install a ROM manually.

Download ZenFone 6 firmware

Download ZenFone 5 firmware

For the change log / release notes for each device, please check source links below.

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