Google introduces Android M Preview build


Google introduces Android M Preview build

Google introduces Android M Preview build, which focuses mostly on User App permissions and User core experience.

This week is Google I/O 2015, the annual Google World-Wide Developers Conference where a lot of presentations take place to show the world what Googlers have been up to for the last year or so and also the launchpad for Android preview builds.

At the event Google introduced Android M, the latest version of Android or at least a preview build for developers because the OS is not ready yet, but it will arrive in Q3, and before you ask, we do not know what the “M” stands for as Google hasn’t revealed the desert code name for it.

However, we do know that Android M Preview build focuses on User App permissions and User Core Experience. For example, when you install an application on Android M, you wont be asked if you want or not to install it and hit you in the face with that long permissions log. It will just install and when you run the app it will ask for permissions for whatever the app is doing, so that the user can fully control the app’s access to his phone or data. Also if you want to revoke or change the access of an app, you can now do so from the “App Permissions” panel.

Than there’s Android Pay a more simplified method of payment through your phone’s NFC at the cash register, all one needs to do is place his phone close to the NFC terminal and your done, no need to type in any secret pins or credit card numbers. Google says that over 700,000 locations will support its Android Pay system and will work with all major credit card firms such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover in the US. Carriers to support the payment system are T-Mobile, Verizon and AT&T, no information outside US for now.

Google has also made the fingerprint authentication a default feature with Android M, which supports Android Pay transactions, but also unlocking the phone with your fingerprint ID.

The battery life has also been improved with Android M. Google says that during its tests, the Nexus 9’s battery life doubled through a new feature called Doze, which conserves energy if the device is not moving /┬áit’s not being used, we can’t say the same about smartphone as we have them in our hands most of the day. Android M also has USB Type-C support and we should expect first Android devices with such ports to launch by this fall, and the cool thing about this USB standard is that you will be able to use your device’s battery energy as a power bank. Yep, you will be able to charge other devices with your phone.

There are many other bug fixes and improvements that Google added to the Android M Preview build, and the on-screen Volume scale is one of them. It now has a drop-down menu to use, not only the main volume, but the alarm and music volume as well with ease.