Opera Max is your mobile data saving tool


Opera Max

Opera Software released a new mobile data management and data saving application called Opera Max, which intends to protect one’s data plan and even extend the data plan by up to 50% (or so the developer claims). By using Opera Max, one can easily manage his data not only on mobile networks, but also on Wi-Fi networks, too. How is this possible? Well, Opera Max knows how to compress videos, photos, media and more on almost any of your favorite Android apps and/or websites, without any noticeable loss of quality, thus saving your data plan.

Opera Max provides real-time data statistics (daily, monthly), it can monitor one’s data to find out which apps are consuming most of your data plan and allow blocking high-data-hungry Android applications. Some apps use mobile data without asking, and that is a frequent problem. With Opera Max you can easily control such activities and set your own terms.

Opera Max app already received several awards this year: CES 2015 – Honoree, Best of Innovation category, BMA January 2015 – Silver Award, Best Mobile App, CTIA Hot for the Holidays – 1st Place, Productivity category.

Download Opera Max at Google Play store and start saving your data plan.