PadFone and Zenfone Android 5.0 update postponed by Asus, again!



PadFone and Zenfone Android 5.0 update postponed by Asus once more because it has difficulties optimizing the software.

Asus is having really hard times optimizing Android 5.0 for its ZenFone and PadFone series. In fact, the company has just subtly announced on its forum that the upgrade to Lollipop ment to begin deploying this mid-May is now labeled as ‘postponed’, because of “some issues during verification,” whatever that means.

“ASUS team has found some issues during verification. We decided to delay the Android L upgrade schedule in order to provide better user experience. We are currently working on the related issues and will release the upgrade as soon as possible.”

So, this means owners of Asus ZenFone 4, ZenFone 5, ZenFone 6, and PadFone S will have to wait a little bit longer, until Asus figures these problems out.

On other news, Asus PadFone Infinity (A86) upgrade to Lollipop has also been postponed “due to limitation of the processor.” A statement we find a bit amusing, as Infinity A86 rocks a Snapdragon 800 CPU and 2GB of RAM. Below the rest of the statement.

“Also, due to limitation of the processor of The New Padfone Infinity (A86), we’ll postpone its Android L upgrade plan for final evaluation. However, ASUS will keep providing software upgrade based on Android 4.4 KitKat operating system.”

Sorry, folks! Asus has problems!