Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge have regional lock


Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge have regional lock

So you want to buy Samsung’s greatest ever built smartphone – Galaxy S6 or the Galaxy S6 Edge, that’s good, but first, you need to know that some of these device come with a regional lock, which means that if you buy the unit from one country and use in another, then you will have to lift that regional lock through a process unofficially called the 5 minutes call using a SIM card from that country where you bought it from, unless the retail shop, carrier from where it originated the smartphone does this process for you to unlock it.

Below find the testimonial of an S6 Edge owner who bought it with such regional lock active:

“S6 Edge owner here: I can confirm this one has regional lock. I tested it with a Dutch sim first (coming from Netherlands), 5 minute outgoing call, then put in a US sim from T-Mobile. This worked flawlessly (without the calling bit, the SIM was deactivated already.┬áBut yes, you do need a local sim from the region you bought it from and somehow make a call for 5 minutes. I did not try an incoming call – but the scary wording in the instructions that your phone might “fail” if you forgot to activate it with a local SIM did not give me the guts to try that out ;=) “

In case you are wondering, once that 5 minutes call process is done, you are able to even factory reset the device and the lock wont activate again. Remember, this is only a user testimonial, not official word from Samsung itself.