How tough is LG G4? Drop tests video



Now that LG Electronics outed the 2015 flagship smartphone, I guess it is time to learn a few things about LG G4 before we actually run into the nearest local store to purchase it.

Folk at TechRax got their hands-on early on an LG G4 unit, so they subjected it to a set of shock tests, to learn how the smartphone holds up after meeting the concrete-made footway a few times. While landing on its back at the first attempt, the G4 made if safely in the hands of the tester, however, the second drop test literally shattered the Gorilla Glass screen, still, the G4 felt like powering up again, after the battery was inserted back in the device.

Take a look at how tough is LG G4 and you might also want to learn more about G4’s official accessories, which could keep it safe from such unpleasant surprises.