MarkO Geo Reminder App Matures With New Update



Remember MarkO, the smart task buddy? It’s an app we reviewed a while ago, and some of you might still have it on your device. And why wouldn’t? It was a sensational app, that has gotten even better than before!

In the course of the last few months, MarkO has really matured. The developers have done a really good job with the latest version of the app, showing their real commitment to making it better every single update. The app looks and functions better than ever. The Material Design elements are more common and most of the graphical glitches were fixed.


The new version comes with a revamped menu as well. The tabbed interface is gone, and everything is accessible through the sliding menu. This improves usability as well as the overall look of and feel of the app.

The developers inserted a new Welcome menu for the new users in the latest update. It’s nothing special, but it’s useful for new users that are not yet familiar with the concept of the app.


The New task menu remained the same mostly, but if ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right? We couldn’t help but noticed the slick new animations when transitioning from the main screen to the New task menu. Those really add to the user experience.

We must say we really like the progress MarkO is making. If you weren’t convinced to try it before, are you now?