Android M announcement could happen at Google I/O 2015

android m
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Google rumoured to announce Android M at the annual  I/O software developers conference in San Francisco at the end of the month.

While Google hasn’t come out to publicly confirm such announcement, tiny bits of information which point in this direction surfaced in the last few days. First, we have the ‘Android for Work’ presentation description for Google I/O 2015 that clearly mentioned Android M, before it was taken down from I/O website, but not before AP managed to get their hands-on a screenshot.


Next we have Bloomberg’s report, which hints through an anonymous source that Android M will offer a lot more security and control to the user over what installed apps and games can access on any Android M running device in terms of information. You’ve probably wondered every now and then, why some apps require access to the TEXT Messaging app or the Phone Call history.

Another interesting feature that Android M could bring this year, is a new way of accessing your apps all based on voice commands alone. Such feature will take the “Ok Google” voice commands to a whole new level.

Mobile hardware has adopted the touch screen as the primary mode of input. And with 1 billion active Android users, there’s no sign of this slowing down. What if you could provide users with a new method of access to your apps with little to no development overhead? In this talk, we introduce Voice Access, a service that gives anyone access to their Android device through voice alone. We will focus on simple steps developers can follow to ensure that Voice Access provides an optimal experience within their apps. 

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