No Lollipop upgrade for One Mini 2 users, says HTC

No Lollipop upgrade for One Mini 2
HTC One Mini 2 with HTC Sense UI

No Lollipop upgrade for One Mini 2 owners, says HTC on Twitter.

We usually bring good news in terms of software updates, however this week we’re bringing a bad one from HTC itself, who’s PR people say that the One Mini 2 will not receive an upgrade to the latest version of Android, which is Lollipop, because the smartphone cannot provide an optimal experience to the user, and thus it isnt scheduled for such an update.

By now, if you do own a HTC One Mini 2, are probably confused to why it cannot run Android 5.0 Lollipop properly, since other less capable Android smartphone such as those from the Android One project are doing it quite smooth.

Well, because HTC is using a customizable user interface called HTC Sense, which demands more hardware power while running Android 5.0, probably that is why.