LG releases LG Call for Android Wear app, but is not compatible with G Watch R


LG Call for Android Wear

LG Call for Android Wear application allows one to make calls from LG Watch Urbane smartwatch.

LG Electronics released a Phone companion application for LG Android Wear smartwatches this week, so that owners of such devices to be able to get access to Recent Calls, Favorite Contacts, the Dial Pad etc, from their wrist, however, the application available on the Google Play store dubbed ‘LG Call for Android Wear’ offers compatibility to LG Watch Urbane only, no G Watch R love apparently, raising frustration among LG customers. A future update might fix this issue.

LG Call for Android Wear needs pairing with an LG Android Wear device via Bluetooth, after that its simple to use: one either opens the Call app or say “Open Call.” The application supports any Android device running Android 4.3 operating system or a more recent version.

LG Call for Android Wear Key Features (visible only on Android Wear watches):

  • RECENT CALL: Shows the list of recent call history & Make a call when touch
  • FAVORITE CONTACT: Shows favorite contact & Make a call when touch
  • DIAL PAD: Shows dial pad & Make a call when touch
  • Modern & Stylish user interface

If you want to try the app on your LG Watch Urbane smartwatch, just click the download link below, which will direct you to the Google Play store.

Download & Install LG Call for Android Wear app.