LG G4 Accessories – A run down of what to gear up with at the LG launch:


LG G4 Accessories

As you know, LG announced their 2015 flagship on Tuesday, the LG G4, and we were there. We’ve already outlined the phone itself and all the juicy details about the incredible camera. Now, we’re going to walk you through all the amazing LG G4 accessories that are also being released with LG’s new flagship.

LG G4 Accessories:

Whilst at the LG G4 launch event in London this week, there was a lot to see. Most importantly of all is, of course, the LG G4 itself, which we had a little hands on time with. But also launching with the device are the LG G4 Accessories which you will be able to buy to complement your device.


LG G4 Accessories

First off, let’s talk about the covers. LG Head of Mobile Andrew Coughlin was very insistent that designing the LG G4 with a removable battery was a customer request, and that meant making a cover that came off. This also allowed them to give the LG G4 a beautiful curve that hugs the hand and feels natural. Not only did they want to make the LG G4 “not just another metal phone”, but also more natural in the hand. This meant a choice of premium leather, high-grade aluminium and a ceramic cover which they claim give better durability and scratch resistance than glass backs (a nice shot at Apple, and other manufacturers).

LG aren’t the first to offer leather backs for their phones. Motorola did in last years’ Moto X, but somehow, LG managed to make their leather covers feel more luxurious and less processed than the ones we found on the Moto X. The leather is available in three natural colours (we saw black, brown and red) which have a centre stitch running down the middle to give a guide to the middle of the device which helps you find the buttons on the back. LG claim that the leather backs will wear naturally with use and age, giving each an individual look that others just don’t get. The detail of the leather is also exquisitely preserved in the process.

The harder ceramic and metal covers come in a wider range of colours, and have an etched 3D design which other manufacturers don’t add to their cases. One thing to note is, there is no cheap plastic in site.


LG G4 Accessories

Next on the list for the LG G4 Accessories are cases. Keeping true to their previous releases, LG have released a Circle Case for their new flagship. The Circle Case is a cover which comes attached to a rear cover and flaps on to the screen to keep it protected. A circular hole is cut near the top of the case which shows a small section of screen to show through which will display notifications and a clock. You can also  launch mini apps from this small section of screen such as a music player, alarms and even games. You can even use this small section of screen as a viewfinder for the camera, allowing you to take pictures without having to open the case, which is very neat and useful.

LG G4 Accessories


LG G4 Accessories

Shipped with the LG G4 are a set of their QuadBeat 3 earphones in the box. These are said to give better bass and great high and mid-tones. However, if you fancy something wireless, LG have also released a set of bluetooth headset called the LG Tone Infinim (HBS-900). This headset sits round your neck with ear buds that can be stored in the headset when not in use. They weigh only 54g and come with Bluetooth 3.0. With a 220 mAh Li-Polymer battery, they charge in under 2 hours and LG claim they’ll last 550 hours on standby, play for 14 hours and a talk time of 17 hours. The sound is powered by Harmon Kardon, which means your music will sound fantastic through them.

Wireless Chargers:

LG G4 Accessories

Also on display at the LG G4 Accessories stand at the launch were devices sitting on wireless chargers. It wasn’t clear if a wireless pad would need to be added to the LG G4, or if it was pre-installed, but the chargers were attractive looking chargers which would keep you LG G4 standing in a portrait position (although you could also place it landscape if needed) which would allow you to keep it as a desktop clock or standing with apps running whilst charging.

It must be clear that at the launch, there was no comment on when the LG G4 accessories would be released or what price they would go for, but we expect that these will come in the coming weeks, so stay in touch to keep updated.


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