HTC Ink campaign to create limited edition One M9’s



HTC announces partnership with supermodel Jourdan Dunn (appeared recently on British Vogue cover, has contracts with Burberry, Maybelline and Victoria’s Secret, just to name a few), collaboration which will bring an One M9 Limited edition through the HTC Ink campaign.

Jourdan collaborated with celebrity “ink-er” Cally-Jo Pothecary to come up with a design that encapsulated her feelings about a new direction in her life, her excitement over upcoming creative projects, and the opportunity to partner with us to express her personal style,” says HTC press release.


The above design will be imprinted on the back of the limited edition One M9’s. Here’s what it means in HTC words.

The open hand and eye symbolizes the need for protection and strength while still being open and approachable in personality and style. The natural leaf elements and patterns around the outside of each visual reflect the growth in creativity that Jourdan is feeling at this time, and the sun and moon together represent balance and harmony in her character.”