LG G4c is the Compact version of the G4 flagship?


LG G4c

LG Electronics to launch a compact model of the G4 flagship as LG G4c.

Now that the LG flagship smartphone G4 is official and the rollout has already started, LG Electronics can focus one new things, and one of these things could be the compact variant of the LG G4. LG Electronics is accustom to launch such smaller variants of its flagship phones starting with LG G2 mini and the G3 mini last year.

A Dutch online retailer has listed an LG G4c on its website as unavailable, with stock expected to arrive on May 12. The LG G4c is also identified as model number LG-H525N (N probably stands for Netherlands).

LG G4c will be available in Holland in White, Gold and Silver colors for €295 (tax included). Too bad there is no information regarding G4c hardware specification.

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