Leaked Xperia Z4 SCR30 Accessory Whitepaper, possibly hints at a global Xperia Z3+ model?



Xperia Z3+ might be the name of the global variant of the Sony Xperia Z4. At least, that is what a Sony leaked document hints.

A week ago, when Sony Mobile quietly launched the Xperia Z4 in Japan has also introduced several accessories to expand the user experience, including a Style Cover Window identified as model number Sony SCR30.

A whitepaper of the aforementioned accessory published and soon after withdrawn by Sony from its website, reveals some interesting information, that the Xperia Z4 will also be known/marketed as Xperia Z3+, which might be the variant the OEM intends to sell globally as of this summer, otherwise why would it remove it? (below a screen capture making reference to Xperia Z3+ name, before Sony removed the paper from its website).

Screen capture from Sony SCR30 Whitepaper before it got removed
Screen capture from Sony SCR30 Whitepaper before it got removed

Considering Xperia Z4 almost anonymous launch a week ago, the Xperia Z3+ branding would be more suited, leaving Sony to uncover a more worthy successor later this year, likely at IFA 2015, in Berlin, dubbed Xperia Z5.

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