Giza – Fresh, Functional, Material Twitter Client



One of the primary reasons to have a smartphone for most users is to be in touch on the social networks. Most of them, if not all, provide a proprietary app to make things easier, but for some users, the official apps are not suitable. That’s when third-party social network clients come to the play. Meet Giza, a new Twitter client with Material Design.

Giza is the latest material-designed apps to come on the Play Store. It looks neat, it’s light and performs well. It perfectly blends with the other Material-inspired apps on Android 5.0 Lollipop, and I’m quite sure it looks just as great on older Android versions.


The app gives you everything you could expect of a Twitter client. When you open the app, you are greeted by your Twitter Timeline. From the menu you can access your personal profile, messages, conversations and the Settings screen, which offers several personalisation options, like notification settings, app theme, etc.

Giza offers support for multiple accounts, so if you have several Twitter profiles, you’re set to go.

I tested this app for several days and I have been pleased with it. I’m not a big Twitter fan, but I’m definitely a supporter of the developer of this app. If you want to taste a new, fresh Twitter client, Giza should be your first choice.