LeTV release Le Max, Le 1Pro and Le 1, Worlds first USB Type-C phones


LeTV Superphone

Every device you can think of now comes with USB. From Phones, TV’s and laptops to coffee makers and cars. Almost all Android phones are charged using a Micro USB cable. You may not have heard, but there is now a new type of USB, classified as USB type-C which has much higher data transfer speeds than Type-B. So far, only a few products have launched with USB Type-C, most notably Apple’s newest MacBook, but also the Chromebook and the Nokia N1. Now, the first USB Type-C charged phones have been revealed in China from LeTV, a Chinese media streaming company.

LeTV Le Max, Le 1Pro and Le 1, the first USB Type-C Phones launched in China:

If you didn’t hear about the phones being launched, you may have heard of a comment made by the LeTV CEO┬áJia Yueting at the launch event for the Le Max, Le 1 Pro and Le 1 when he likened Apple’s closed ecosystem to Naziism. He eventually apologised, but it certainly gave the event publicity, which may have been the point.

The main talking point, however, were the three new phones LeTV launched. Their top of the range Le Max had some amazing specifications, whilst the Mid-range Le 1Pro had some very tempting specs too. The low-end Le 1 also had impressive specs, considering it was their base model. The main talking point among the technical specs was the fact that all three of these phones will be the first to be on sale in the world with the new USB Type-C port. This doesn’t necessarily mean faster charging, but it would mean faster data transfer when connected to a computer (for uploading your songs and pictures, for example).

Phone specifications:

We’ve put all the specifications in one easy to read list for you. All phones run Android 5.0 Lollipop with the LeTV made EUI launcher:

Le Max:

LeTV Le Max Superphone