LG-F500 G4 full details and images leaked before official launch


LG-F500 G4

It’s already that time of year where new flagship phones start to be released. Most recently, the LG-F500 G4 leaked in a microsite prior to it’s official launch in the not too distant future.

LG-F500 G4 Leaked in microsite ahead of launch:

The LG G4 full details and images leaked in a microsite from the Korean’s company’s own website ahead of official launch. Along with other leaks and known details given in press releases, we know quite a bit about LG’s new Flagship device.


LG G4 Leaked

First off, as you can see from the image above, the LG-F500 G4 is due to come in several designs including a leather back which is very similar to the Moto X from last year. It appears that the leather design will be it’s premium offering with some cheaper plastic alternatives available.


From the LG G4 leaked microsite, we know that the LG G4 will sport a brand new display which boasts much less battery usage, whilst displaying richer, brighter colours. The screen is a Quantum ISP Display and measures 5.5 inches.


lg-f500-g4 (12).jpg

According to the microsite, the LG 4 will not get a bigger battery, staying at 3000 mAh. The reason behind this is believed to be because the new screen and chip are less power hungry and will also help keep costs down.


The LG G4’s camera is a 16 MP camera with f/1.8 aperture, which will allow more light for better pictures in low light situations and clearer action shots. What’s more, the forward facing camera is claimed to be an 8 MP camera with an anti IF lens, meaning better quality pictures. LG say this is because of the increase in the popularity of ‘selfies’.

lg-f500-g4 (13).jpg


It’s not yet clear what chip will be powering the LG G4 as of yet, as the microsite only had placeholder information. However, a device showing up on benchmarking sites with a model number of LG-F500 showed a device being powered by a 6 cored Snapdragon 808 CPU backed up with 3 GB RAM. If this is the LG G4, it’s clear this is going to be a powerful device.

It’s obvious that LG are putting a lot into their new Flagship LG G4, and despite the leak, we think it’s done no more than increase the hype of this new phone.

Will you be getting an LG G4, or are you waiting for something else? Let us know in the comments. 



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