Oppo Find 9 images quietly shared on Path?


Oppo Find 9

Interesting how a set of images that are allegedly portraying the Oppo Find 9, the Chinese young mobile maker’s flagship smartphone, have been quietly shared on Path network for at least a couple of weeks now, and nobody seems to have noticed it until this morning.

On March 20th, Oppo introduced the Find 7 smartphone, which feature 5.5-inch Quad HD display and a “50MP rear-camera.”

There’s little detail known about Oppo Find 9 right now, but we’ve managed to spot some features out of these images. For starters, the dual cameras on the back Find 9 will feature, something similar to HTC’s One series.

Another interesting feature could be the round-ish Power button on the back, or is it a fingerprint scanner? Oppo Find 9 looks awfully familiar if we are to compare it with Allview Mobile Romania’s E3 Sign (check photo below).