Moto 360 sequel spotted in Asia, with a more refined body


Moto 360 sequel

With contenders such as Huawei Watch, Apple Watch, LG G Watch R and many others, Motorola will be looking to improve its 2014 Moto 360 smartwtach, and it might just do that by the end of the summer.

Weibo username @ChineUbuntu claim that the above image is the Moto 360 sequel, with a full round (no dead zone at the bottom) and slightly larger display, including 360 x 360 screen square resolution (previous model feature 320 x 290). The image also hint at a more refined metal body, one that’s not so bulky, new crown and with an unique end link leather strap system that doesn’t leave any gap between the end of the leather strap and the case of the smartwatch.


Motorola needs to step up, now that there are a lot of other new players in this Android Wear / smartwatch game. Just recently TAG Heuer announced its partnership with Intel and Google and we are expecting other famous brands to join such as Fossil, Gucci, etc.

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