LG announces new 5.5″ 2K LCD smarthone display with 120% color gamut



LG announces new 5.5″ 2K LCD smarthone display with 538ppi & 120% color gamut.

Today, LG Electronics announced the latest 5.5-inch 2K LCD smarthone display with 2560 x 1440 pixels (2K screen resolution) that will equip its unreleased flagship, the LG G4.

LG claim the new 2K LCD smarthone display with 538 pixels per inch density provides “richer and more accurate colors with a 120% color gamut, exceeding the 100% gamut offered on conventional panels, for mobile devices (based on sRGB).”  LG says that it has adopted AIT (Advanced In-Cell Touch) technology, which offers excellent touch sensitivity, even in wet conditions (water on the screen). The contrast ratio of this panel is also 50% higher than conventional Quad HD displays available on the market, while the brightness sees a 30% increase too, and there’s no extra power consumption. The content displayed on the screen is more visible to the user’s eye, especially in bright outdoor conditions.

Twenty five days from now (April 28), LG is going to introduce the G4 flagship phone in a very special event, and we’re pretty certain that this 2K LCD smarthone display will be one of the key features of the device.