HTC One M9 screen repair guide (video)


HTC One M9 screen repair guide

As much as we love our gadgets and as much as we try to protect them through different methods (bumpers, covers), sometimes misfortune or a moment of inadvertence could lead to a damaged or even worse nonfunctional device.

HTC recently introduced what they call “Uh Oh” program, which more or less is a service warranty program through which One M9 owners in the U.S. can replace their cracked/defective smartphone display in the first 12 months of use for free. This is a one-time offer from HTC USA, after that you’re on your own.

What would one do in a similar situation? Well, folks at pwrdbykyank made the following HTC One M9 screen repair guide video, firstly to signal that this is not an easy task for the average user, but rather a painful process even for experts, and secondly to show how difficult it is to replace only the protective glass sheet of the screen.

Thanks, Tony, for the tip!