Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge endurance test (video)


A new trend emerged the last few years within the mobile industry, one that puts the latest technology, in our case Android smartphones, namely the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, to endurance tests such as submerging the phone into a bowl of water or throwing it around.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge endurance tests we see in these two videos below, show how tough the flagship really is and how its construction holds.

In the first video, we see a woman literally throwing the Galaxy S6 Edge on to an office’s carpeted floor and surviving all three impacts with flying colors.

The second video shows the S6 Edge being submerged in a bowl of water for about 25 minutes (note that Samsung’s device is not water-resistant like the Galaxy S5 is), and it survives to tell the tale, but far from earlier mint condition.

Check the video below.