TAG Heuer Android Wear watch to come by end of 2015


TAG Heuer Android Wear Watch

Swiss watch maker TAG Heuer, world-renowned for making top quality time pieces, have today announced a partnership with Google and Intel and will make a premium TAG Heuer Android Wear Watch to be released by the end of 2015.

TAG Heuer Android Wear Watch:

No doubt in an attempt to take on the recently announced Apple Watch Edition (the version that costs upwards of £7000), The Swiss watch maker along with Google and Intel will release a new premium Android Wear device with all the style of a TAG Heuer and with all the innovation of Android Wear.

Swiss watchmaking and Silicon Valley is a marriage of technological innovation with watchmaking credibility. Our collaboration provides a rich host of synergies, forming a win-win partnership, and the potential for our three companies is enormous.

Said Jean-Claude Biver, President of the watch Division at TAG Heuer. This was added to by Guy Sémon, GM:

The quality of Swiss watches is renowned worldwide. When this is allied with the creative technology and global power of two companies like Intel and Google, using the Android Wear platform and based on Intel technology, we can see the launch of a technological revolution in our industry, of which I am proud to be a pioneer today with TAG Heuer.

This new TAG Heuer Android Wear Watch won’t be the first ‘premium’ watch in the Android Wear line either. Just last week, LG announced they were going to release a premium version of their Android Wear LG G Watch R. These premium designs are clearly an attempt at preempting a jump of users from Android Wear to Apple Watch when the Cupertino firm release their wrist-based-platform of iOS in April.

Apple announced the Apple Watch last year, but only gave a tease of what was to come. A couple of weeks ago, the full release was announced with features that, on the surface, looked new and shiny, but have, in fact, been available on the market all along ever since the first Pebble smartwatch. Of course, no one quite has the flare of Apple’s designs or marketing.

There are currently no details or concepts of the TAG Heuer Android Wear Watch, but it’s fair to assume that within six months, the Android Wear platform could (or at least should) be updated and added to, so we can expect to see some very interesting features married with top quality Swiss craftsmanship.