Nintendo enters mobile gaming market



It took Nintendo high officials awhile to comprehend the need to attack the mobile gaming industry, and they finally made the announcement earlier today.

Nintendo announces its partnership with DeNA in Japan, through which they will release mobile games, as well as an online dedicated gaming community. No game titles have been mentioned yet, but don’t expect any of the 3DS console games to land on Android or any other platform, only new and original games (see below statement).

“To ensure the quality of game experience that consumers expect from this alliance of Nintendo and DeNA, only new original games optimised for smart device functionality will be created, rather than porting games created specifically for the Wii U home console or the Nintendo 3DS portable system.”

The Japanese gaming studio, DeNA, is well-known for its Mobage community and for developing freemium mobile games (in-app purchases).

New and sunny times ahead of Nintendo, now that they are focusing on mobile smart devices, don’t you think?