Is this the Ascend Mate 7 Mini or the P8 mini?


Ascend Mate 7 Mini

Huawei managed to steal other smartwatch manufacturers thunder at Mobile World Congress, with its beautifuly crafted Huawei Watch, powered by Google Android Wear platform, but that wasnt the only device the Chinese OEM announced. Unfortunately, we didn’t not have the pleasure of meeting the upcoming flagship smartphone dubbed simply¬†Huawei P8 (notice there is no ‘Ascend’, because the manufacturer will be dropping it), which should debut in mid-April in a dedicated press event, probably held in one of the Europe’s capitals like previous years.

Until April 15th, when the P8 is due to come, we’ve just been tipped about an alleged Ascend Mate 7 mini getting caught in the wilds of Asia. The purported Ascend Mate 7 mini prototype is said to feature a 4.7-inch 1080p display, an HiSillicon Kirin 925 octa-core processor coupled by 2GB of RAM. The source of these photos claim that it will feature a finger print scanner as well like its bigger sibling, however, this prototype doesn’t show any indication of such a feature, nor any indications that it is a Huawei device, even though it sits nicely alongside Ascend G7 (right hand side).

Alleged Ascend Mate 7 Mini (left), Ascend G7 (right)