ZTE Nubia Z9 Leaks in New Photos


nubia z9

ZTE’s latest secret, the Nubia Z9, has leaked on a new set of photos, showcasing its paper-thin bezels and also its back.

We can’t see much of the device from the photos, but from what we can see, it looks stunning. The practically non-existent bezels also help here. The Nubia Z9 has a similar back to the ZTE Nubia Z9 Max, which was unveiled at MWC.

The device is said to feature a Snapdragon 810 processor, 4GB RAM and a powerful camera. That’s backed up by the big sensor we see on the back of the device on the leaked picture. The screen of the device seems large too, though we don’t know its exact size.

nubia z9 back

ZTE will announce the smartphone on March 26, so be sure to save the date!