Material Unit Converter Review



Having a good utility app is always handy, especially when you’re working with numbers, units and conversions. The app however, needs not only to provide the needed functionality, but also to look good and perform well. Material Unit Converter is a great new tool that with its modern interface makes converting easier.

The app is developed by me and by the time of writing, is still in its early stage. It’s not packed with a boatload of features, but it provides the most useful ones.

Material Unit Converter is designed with the Material design standards in mind. It features the new Toolbar, cards and dialog styles, but that’s not what makes this app special. It’s how the design elements are combined together to make the user experience extraordinary.


When you launch the Converter, you will be greeted with the main screen, on which the conversion controls are located. On the top, there’s a toolbar with a navigation menu that can be pulled from the left of the screen. From there, you can select the type of units you want to convert between. Material Unit Converter currently supports 14 unit types:

  • Length

The result is displayed on a card, that enters the screen with a nice slide-up animation. To dismiss a result, you can either swipe the card left or right, or press the Dismiss button. The card shows not only the main result, but also the results of the conversions to up to 7 other units that belong to the same type.

Screenshot_2015-03-06-17-24-25 Screenshot_2015-03-06-17-24-48

Material Unit Converter supports conversion between 168 currencies, which can be updated to the latest rates. It displays the top currencies first, then proceeding with the rest of them sorted alphabetically.

The app has a couple of settings. You can set the number of decimals to be displayed, as well as change the result style to scientific.

Material Unit Converter doesn’t try to reinvent the wheel, but rather be a worthy alternative to the other popular converters on the Play Store. It brings the freshness of the Material design, as well as the intuitive gesture-based navigation to the store full of similar converter apps. The app is offered on Google Play for free. Try it, you won’t regret!