Samsung Galaxy S6 Wallpapers and Apps [Download]


Samsung Galaxy S6 Wallpapers

Yes, the Samsung Galaxy S6 has been launched, and yes, we will have to wait at least two to three more weeks, before we will be able to buy one, but that doesn’t stop us to sink our teeth in some of its goodies.

If you’re looking to refresh your smartphone home screen, then you are in look my friend, because Samsung Galaxy S6 Wallpapers and some of its Apps are available to download.

While the Samsung Galaxy S6 Wallpapers are good to go on any smartphone, the apps only run on Android 5.0 Lollipop powered phones with TouchWiz UX, which pretty much means it has to be a Samsung device. 

Below is the list of the apps you can download and install:

  1. S Translator
  2. S Note
  3. S6 like SystemUI (Statusbar and Recents)
  4. Optical Reader
  5. GeoNews
  6. GearManager
  7. Gear Fit
  8. Smart Remote
  9. Smart Switch
  10. Kids Mode

Visit XDA forums for the download link of each app

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