Mysterious HTC One device gets spotted in the wild. One M9 Plus?

Mysterious HTC One device
HTC One M9 Plus?


HTC was supposed to launch both the One M9 and the One M9 Plus at the Mobile World Congress schedule press event, however the Taiwanese OEM only announced the flagship M9 and a VR headset, leaving us wondering when the phablet-sized device will be announced, if ever.

Today, we bring you a couple of photos of a mysterious HTC One device, that was seen this week in Asia. Why mysterious? Because it looks like a One M9 except the back camera comes in the form of a big circle instead of the ellipsoidal form, but other than that this mysterious HTC One prototype has key elements taken from the M9 flagship, which was announced earlier this month.

It may be the M9 Plus, with a different setup regarding the camera, as previous spy shots revealed a dual camera setup on the back of the M9 phablet, but unless HTC changed its mind and replaced it with this giant circular camera, then it is something else. Maybe the One E9?