How would you feel about Huawei making the next Nexus smartphone?


Huawei making the next Nexus

Now that Mobile World Congress is out of the way, we are back to our daily dose of rumours, and what better way than to start with the next Nexus smartphone.

The rumour has it that Google appointed Huawei as the manufacturer that will provide the necessary hardware and the workmanship to build the 2015 Nexus phone.

Kevin Yang, director of China research at iSuppli, might have said that Google has already signed a contract with Huawei to build the next Nexus device. If these rumours are true, it would be the first Chinese OEM to manufacture a pure stock Android handset for the Search giant. This would be a perfect opportunity for the Chinese to increase their presence on the US market, since the cyberspy scandal back in 2013, a year the company decided to withdraw from North America.

Rumour or not, this is the first report of this year, that touches the next Nexus smartphone topic.

How would you feel about Huawei making the next Nexus smartphone this year?