Fujitsu demos iris scanner at MWC 2015, Barcelona

Fujitsu demos iris scanner
photo credit: CW

Fujitsu demos iris scanner technology on a prototype smartphone at MWC.

George Orwell would be spinning in his grave if he was at the 2015 Mobile World Congress, he would have witnessed the unveiling of Fujitsu’s new ominous “iris scanner” which will authenticate a user in under a second and give them access to the device their eye is paired with.

It sounds like something fresh out of an episode of Star Trek, but it’s currently a working prototype, the technology is the first in its kind and authenticates a user by analyzing the unique patters within a person’s iris.

The sensor itself is incredibly small and light weighing in at 1 gram small enough to fit at the top of a smartphone within an infrared camera, which will scan the iris and unlock the device, users will have to first of all set up their eye to the device, much the in the way users of Apple and Samsung devices currently set up their fingerprint.

The scanner is insanely quick and can scan and unlock the device in under a second, using an algorithm which scans the iris’s unique pattern.

Fijutsu hasn’t yet exposed its strategy surround the iris scanner, which devices will receive it and which manufacturers will be allowed to use it, all we know is they hope to have it on the market by March 31st 2016, so keep your eyes peeled in the mean time (Couldn’t resist!)