O2 One M9 available soon on O2 Refresh Tariffs


O2 One M9

O2 One M9 coming in Gold or Silver by next month.

Only minutes after HTC introduced the One M9 at MWC 2015, O2 announces its availability in the coming months through its O2 Refresh Tariffs. The O2 One M9 will be available only in dual-tone Gold and Silver and single-tone Gunmetal colours. So, no Black version at this carrier.

The O2 One M9 will be offered on the O2 Refresh tariff, which means those who want to upgrade early from another handset need only to pay off the remaining value of their handset (rather than the combined value of handset and Airtime for the remaining time on their contract – potentially saving hundreds of pounds to stay bang-up-to-date).

What’s more, with O2 Refresh, customers who want to keep their phone after two years will only pay for their monthly airtime package from that point.

Plus, by recycling an old handset through O2 Recycle, customers can receive a cash payment when they upgrade. O2 will offer up to £171 for an HTC One M8. Customers can recycle in-store or online.