Huawei Watch design story and the 1st TV commercial (video)


Huawei Watch

Huawei Watch looks amazing! I know, it is a bold statement, but look at this smartwatch, it screams elegance and finesse, doesn’t it?

Unlike Samsung, LG or other electronics makers who already threw at least 2 or 3 smartwatch models on the market by now and none is as impressive as Motorola’s Moto 360 or Asus’s ZenWatchHuawei had a different approach. The OEM took the time to study the history of watches just to find the one size that fits all hands (men and women), and they might have found it with what they call – Huawei Watch.

Made out of a carefully crafted piece of stainless steel, Huawei Watch’s durable body protects the hardware that powers it. The Watch face is also shielded by a sheet of Safire glass and the watch runs Android Wear operating system. As for the straps, Huawei clients will have many options: from mesh straps, to leather and even silicon bands for sports activities.

Enjoy the two videos below and dont forget, that Huawei’s live press event starts at 1:30 PM (Spain timezone GMT+1)