HTC hints at Dolby BoomSound speakers on the One M9?


HTC hints at Dolby BoomSound speakers

Now that Apple owns Beats Music & Electronics, and appointed Dr Dre and Jimmy Lovine to lead a special division within the company, HTC will eventually have to replace Beats Audio technology inside its famous front-facing — Boomsound stereo speakers, with something else. The rumour has it, that Dolby Sound already struck a deal with HTC, and thus delivering the necessary technology to carry on the Boomsound legacy. The One M9 might be the first HTC produced smartphone to feature Dolby Audio technology.

This week HTC Ireland released on Twitter a new One M9 teaser, in the form of a Vine clip, that suggests “bigger boom” (improved) Boomsound speakers on the next flagship smartphone.

The HTC One M9 unveiling event will take place this Sunday, March 1st, in Barcelona, Spain.