Asus ZenPad to debut at MWC2015, PDF file may reveal


Asus ZenPad

Asus ZenPad, a new line of Android devices by AsusTek, to make its entry this quarter.

A forward-looking presentation leaked document from AsusTek Q4 2014 Investors Conference reveal Taiwanese manufacturer short-term strategy plans(Q4 2014 to Q1 2015), plans which include the launch of a new product called Asus ZenPad, probably during Mobile World Congress 2015 next month.

The leaked PDF file represents the entire AsusTek Q4 2014 Investors Conference slide presentation, and it details Asus product penetration in specific regions. One product in particular, caught our attention and that is the Asus ZenPad, an “empowering luxury for everyone,” as Asus calls it ment to reinforce FonePad series momentum in Asia-Pacific region.

While there aren’t any Asus ZenPad hardware details included in the PDF file, the sneak peek gives us a clue about the software inside. A couple of slides show the Asus ZenPad ZenUI lockscreen, which hints at Google Android operating system, presumably Lollipop version. 

A brief mentioning of Asus Robotics division is also seen within these slides, as for Asus growth strategy, the company estimates that it will sell a total of 27 million mobile devices by the end of 2015, which translates into 50% growth. Asus is also estimating that its Mobile business will exceed PC business by 2017 in revenues.