Kyocera’s first european device, the ultra-rugged TORQUE 4G



After a long period, the Japan-based brand Kyocera has finally decided that it is time to make its entry into the European market.

Today, Kyocera announced TORQUE (KC-S701), an ultra-rugged Android smartphone ready to equip those that work out in the field (constructions mostly). Kyocera TORQUE comes with 4G LTE technology (not to be confused with earlier model sold only in Asia and the US), feature a 4.5-inch 720p HD screen, which is powered by a 1.4GHz quad-core Snapdragon 400 processor,  an 8MP main camera sensor on the back, Android 4.4 Kikat and a 3,100 mAh battery.

“Kyocera is committed to building high-quality devices that stand up to real-world scenarios and that allow our customers to be productive at work and on-the-go anywhere, no matter the external environment or harsh conditions they have to face,” said Takashi Nohara, General Manager of Kyocera’s Communications Equipment Sales Group. “We believe durability is a value for all business people.”

The TORQUE smartphone possesses high durability against water immersion, dust, shock, salt fog and humidity among its Military Standard 810G profiles. Ideal for use in challenging settings, the phone’s touchscreen can be operated when wet or with non-specialized gloves and the handset features Kyocera’s proprietary, award-winning Smart Sonic Receiver for improved audio even in the loudest environments — making this device ideal for enterprise customers that have employees working in tough outdoor environments and extreme work conditions. It is ideally suited to big and small companies including construction, utilities, transportation, healthcare, public safety and more. Built-in security and encryption keeps users’ most sensitive documents protected, and TORQUE supports virtually all the main MDM solutions available on the market. The rugged TORQUE is also a great option for individual users who enjoy outdoor sports, lead active lives, or are just tired of worrying about damaging a fragile smartphone in any of life’s many minor mishaps.

The TORQUE comes equipped with the award-winning Smart Sonic Receiver technology which uses both sound and vibrations to transmit voice, allowing users to hear better even in noisy environments such as construction sites, noisy streets, train stations and more. This proprietary feature from Kyocera provides clear sound by replacing the traditional speaker with a technology that utilizes the phone’s whole display to transmit sound through vibrations on the glass panel. The handset also has two high-volume (>100db) speakers at the base of the unit to allow hands-free calling and two push-to-talk (PTT) apps come pre-installed (collaboration with Voxer and Zello). The handset also supports Qi wireless battery charging (charging base sold separately).

Regarding TORQUE 4G price tag and launch date, Kyocera hasnt made any comments, only that it will be exhibited at Mobile World Congress 2015 in Spain, and at CeBIT in Germany, next month.