HTC One M8 receives Android 5.0 on T-Mobile


HTC One M8 receives Android 5.0 on T-Mobile

HTC One M8 receives Android 5.0 on T-Mobile, users report.

HTC One M8 owners on T-Mobile are reportedly receiving Android 5.0 software update OTA (over the air). Once captured and upgraded to the latest firmware version, your One M8 should run on build 4.20.531.4. The file update is a little over 630MB in size and it contains important enhancements and bug fixes, besides the obvious Lollipop operating system version.


With this upgrade, not only that the HTC One M8 makes the jump to Android 5.0, but it also adds features like Recent Apps now supporting multiple pages, Lock screen and Notifications Lollipop UI style, Material Design visual effects, etc.

Managed to get it? How does it feel, perform on your One M8 smartphone, tell us in the comments down below.


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