Alleged Galaxy S6 chassis leaked images show an iPhone-like design on the sides


Galaxy S6 chassis

Without a shadow of a doubt Samsung Electronics is going to unveil its most precious 2015 smartphone in the first day of the next month, on one of the most exclusive stages of them all – Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Now that we got the event out of the way, the Samsung Galaxy S6 could be a game changer in the mobile industry this year or, at least the Galaxy S Edge. with its curved on both edges display will be (apparently Samsung plan on releasing two phones, just like it did last autumn at IFA 2014, where it launched the Galaxy Note 4 and the Note Edge).

We are not really sure whether the S6 (SM-G920) will also feature a curved display, however, judging by a set of newly leaked images that allegedly show the Galaxy S6 chassis, likely it wont. What is interesting about these images, is that they reveal some cues taken by Samsung from Apple’s iPhone (can you feel a new lawsuit coming). Not that Apple hasn’t “borrowed” HTC One series roundish design (the entire back and the sides look awfully familiar, don’t you agree).