Android 5.1 Lollipop already shipping on Android One phones



The next flavour of Android Lollipop is already out in the wild, despite no official announcement from Google. Android 5.1 builds running on Android One devices in Indonesia appear to have surfaces few hours ago.

The new Android version was spotted on the Evercoss A65 and Nexian Mi438S, both low end MediaTek Android One devices. No changelogs were posted but it’s fairly reasonable to assume that Android 5.1 Lollipop packs a whole bunch of fixes that have been plaguing some Android 5.0 devices such as the Nexus series which experienced the infamous memory management bug. New version of Google Apps also came preloaded and few UI elements also appear to have been tweaked, a new drop-down was spotted underneath the WiFi and Bluetooth quick toggle icons.


Google hasn’t yet pushed the new bits to AOSP as the time of this writing. Truthfully, this is quite surprising since Google would have usually announced the new Android version, along with a detailed estimate for its roll-out in a blog post. The Nexus lineup would also have been first in line to taste the new builds but this hasn’t happened. — Whatever Google is cooking might just be a very minor incremental post Lollipop update that address a couple of bugs. The company however hinted at the ‘5.1’ moniker in a recent Twiiter post. Previous Android One devices are also set to receive the builds in the coming weeks.

via Android Police