Galaxy S Edge futuristic design patent is amazing


Galaxy S EdgeGalaxy S Edge futuristic design patent filed with the USPTO amazes everyone.

Recently Samsung Electronics filed a plethora of patents at the United States Patent and Trademark Office, and among these trademark files, there is one that caught our attention. A new Samsung Design patent that shows the display of a phone with rounded edges on both (left / right) sides that extends about 15%-20% to the back, with icons that appear when the device is turned on, and an undescribed pop-up feature, wich is visible in figure 10 below.

That being said, we know that Samsung could be launching two variants of the Galaxy S6 (one with such dual-sided round edges, that will probably go by the name Galaxy S Edge) at the annual Mobile World Congress which will take place in the first week of March in Barcelona, Spain.


Whats interesting about this Samsung Design patent filling is that the presumably Galaxy S Edge (SM-G925) smartphone will sport some sort of pop-up feature, which we believe it represents the removable battery, or it could be a dual camera mechanism of sort popping out  of the device (fig.10 above).