Moto E successor dubbed Moto E Styx, allegedly leaked in a photo?


Moto E Styx

Moto E Styx a.k.a 2nd genration of Moto E, got caught on camera?

Motorola‘s big smile is due to the amazing success of its Moto series, which for the last couple of years skyrocketed the company back into profitability area, mainly because of Moto G and Moto E price/value ratio. Acknowledging its success Motorola feels ready to capitalize in 2015 as well, by readying a couple of new and affordable handsets: Moto G Titan (4G LTE variant of the Moto G 2nd Gen) and Moto E Styx.

Rumoured as the successor of Moto E, Moto E Styx has allegedly been caught on camera (see photo above) by an anonymous source of AP. The photo apparently reveals the second generation Moto E, which is missing bottom speaker grill, but it now has a front-facing camera, something Moto E users long-desired.

In terms of hardware information, we have none, except what we can spot from in this image. We can see those Lollipop like on-screen menu keys, which hint at Android 5.0 operating system, which likely will come pre-installed on this smartphone,

Motorola could official unveil a couple of new phones at Mobile World Congress or even earlier than that. We will have to wait patiently for an announcement.