Archos Smart Home Hub Review


Archos Smart Home Hub

The Web-Of-Things is a catch-all term for apps and devices that connect your home and basic non-internet-enabled objects to the web, allowing you to control your home, heating and other variables from anywhere in the world. Google has sold the Nest thermostat in the Google Play store for a while, and there are others which do the same. WeeMo plugs allow you to control the lighting from your phone. Archos‘ entry in to the Web-Of-Things is this unassuming little box which packs quite a punch for a surprisingly small price: We give you the Archos Smart Home Hub.

Archos Smart Home Hub Review:

The Archos Smart Home Hub is a small package that will give you information about your home direct to your phone. In the box you will find the following:

  • 1 Archos Smart Home Hub tablet
  • 2 movement tags
  • 2 weather tags
  • 1 motion ball
  • 1 mini camera ball

Because there is so much hardware in the box, we will break it down into these 5 categories and explain more about them.

Archos Smart Home Hub Tablet:


The Archos Smart Home Hub tablet is the central focus point of your Smart Home Hub. It connects to each of the tags via Bluetooth and records their responses in the Smart Home App. The app is the main use of the tablet, which, when not in use, can display your photos like a digital photo frame using the DayDream feature built-in to Android 4.2